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Today's Pool Hours - 12p to 9p  
Pool Info and Policies

Pool Hours

Mondays – Thursdays:  12 pm to 9 pm

Fridays:  12 pm to 10 pm

Saturdays:  11 am to 10 pm

Sundays:  11 am to 9 pm


Pool Contacts

Operations Chairperson: Jen Hildebrand 419-699-1433 operations@ftfrc.com

Pool Chair: Jeff Bretzloff pool@ftfrc.com



Weather Alerts

We take the safety of our members and the condition of our facilities very seriously, particularly when it comes to the impact of inclement weather. To ensure the well-being of everyone involved, we have established the following guidelines to be followed in the event of inclement weather:

  • If the temperature is below 65 degrees the pool is closed.
  • Thunder/lightening – pool closed for ½ hour after last thunder heard/lightening seen.  Pool deck must be vacated.
  • If the weather reaches high temperatures throughout the day, the head manager or pool operations manager may extend pool hours for that day to 10 p.m.

Check the Member Dashboard or contact the pool if the weather conditions are questionable at 419-878-8669. We will have a recorded message indicating whether the pool is closed.


Age Restrictions

  • Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult (or person over 10 years of age designated by the family).
  • The responsible adult or babysitter MUST BE IN THE POOL AREA WHEN THE CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 8 IS SWIMMING.
  • Children 8 and 9 years of age will be permitted into the pool area only if accompanied by a responsible adult on the club grounds.


The Baby Pool

  • The “Baby” pool is for those children under the age of 6. 
  • The children using the “Baby” pool, must be accompanied by a responsible adult or person within the gated area. 
  • Children unaccompanied will be asked to leave and the family may forfeit their use of the Baby pool.
  • Children using the Baby pool must have a swim diaper on while swimming. If your child wears a diaper outside of the pool, they must have a swim diaper on in the pool. 


Expected Behavior

Parents, please review the pool rules, guidelines, and behavior expectations with your children before the start of the swim season. We want the pool to be a safe and entertaining place for all the kids, and a review of the rules can help make this happen! 
Also, please be aware of where your child is AT ALL TIMES. 

  • Children should not be playing in the clubhouse, bathrooms, or on the tennis courts unless under parent supervision and following all club guidelines.
  • If children disobey the rules or directions from the lifeguards, they will be sat down for a 5 minute time out on the bench by the snackbar.

Please be respectful of our har-tru tennis courts! Do not allow children to play on the tennis courts unless they are wearing proper tennis attire and proper tennis shoes. 

  • Children should not be playing on the courts during rest breaks or using rollers or any other court equipment. 
  • Please ask children abusing the courts (not wearing proper attire, not wearing tennis shoes, playing with the court equipment, drawing in the court with sticks, etc.) to leave the courts immediately.



Upper Deck

The upper deck is for persons 12 years of age and over.  NO EXCEPTIONS



Comments, concerns, questions…

If you have any comments/concerns/ideas please email or set an appointment with our FTFRC Operations Manager.  Please respect their time with their families during pool hours.  If it is a problem that needs immediate attention talk with the Head Guard on duty.

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