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Meet our Swim Team Coaches...

Kate Hildebrand Hi Frogs! I am so excited to be your head coach again this summer. I will be a junior at Anthony Wayne High School next school year.  I’ve been swimming for Fallen Timbers since I was 6 and I was an assistant coach last summer. My favorite strokes are backstroke and freestyle. I swim competitively over the winter too. I am excited to work with all of our swimmers and families this summer!

Paula Kirby Paula will be back again as our coach for the brand-new swimmers that need the most help day to day! Former head coach of Fallen Timbers for 16 years, Mrs. Kirby’s passion is working with the “wall hangers” for the past 10 years and helping them develop the confidence and strength to be our future Frogs!!!!

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My name is Max Gottschalk. I'm a sophomore at Anthony Wayne. This is my first year of coaching , but I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 6 years old, where I started as a FT Frog and developed my love for the sport. Since then, I have been swimming year round for the Fort Meigs YMCA Stingrays and most recently the Bowling Green Swim Club and Anthony Wayne High School. During that time I have learned from some of the best coaches and I'm looking forward to sharing what I have learned with all of you!!

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