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Today's Pool Hours - 12p to 9p  
Work Hours

As in the by-laws, all FTFRC stockholders are required to supply 5 hours of approved volunteer service each calendar year.


Need to submit your work hours? Fill out this Google Form.


Check your current work hours status hereThis spreadsheet does not reflect swim hours. If you are a swim family, please check with swim team for updates for your work hours requirement. 


It is the responsibility of the owner to submit work hours, not the committee chairperson.


Any work hours not submitted by October 1 will be billed as incomplete.


The Board reserves the right to charge owners who agree to complete a task, but do not follow through at the rate of $80/hour. In these scenarios, the owner would forfeit the opportunity to complete the number of hours assigned to the task and will be billed accordingly.


If you have any questions please contact the Work Hours Chairperson. Thank you ahead of time for your hours of service to FTFRC!


Contacts for Work Hours Opportunities

Work Hour Chairperson: Coti Klima

*Contact Work Hours Chairperson through the ‘Contact’ tab.


Operations Chairperson: Jen Hildebrand 419-699-1433

*Contact Operations Chairperson through the ‘Contact’ tab.


Swim Team is always in need of more volunteers for swim meets. Any member can help – your children do NOT have to be on the team to get your work hours in at our meets! You do NOT have to know anything about swimming, either! Meets are on Tuesdays. Contact for details:

Jill Bigelow: 419-340-7219

Michelle Dammeier: 260-385-2274


Tennis Chair: Jillian Kirby (jillian.n.kirby@gmail.com)

We have several work hour opportunities throughout the season:

  • Sign up here to help brush the courts before tennis matches during the week and weekends
  • Help is needed with tennis mixers and the Compass Tournament – reach out to Jillian to see how you can help!
  • Windscreens and nets will need to come down at the end of the season – stay tuned for dates when this will be scheduled


Social Chairperson: Nichole Bentley



Grounds Work Hour Sign Up– new opportunities added weekly

Grounds Chairperson: Dan Wyandt 419-280-2199



Pool Chairperson: Jeff Bretzloff 419-266-7835 jeffbretzloff@yahoo.com


Pay Instead of Doing Your Work Hours
Don’t forget! If you don’t have the extra time on your hands, you may pay for your work hour instead of volunteering. If you pay by March 1st the cost is $200. After that you will be charged $80 for each work hour not completed. You must complete five (5) work hours for each calendar year. If you don’t complete them by October 1 you will be charged for the uncompleted hours. Remember there are very limited things to do after the pool closes in September so get you work hours in early!

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